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Where it all started...

Pentland Plumbing founder Keith Hooper started the company on the 1st September 1998. Originally managing a job for another firm, Keith’s honesty and hard work saw him approached and asked to do the job directly by the Site Agent.

A local cartoonist came up with a few logos for Keith, with the ‘lucky plumber’ logo becoming the favourite choice. Within a few years, other companies started using the logo on their own vans – albeit with different coloured dungarees!

But now copyrighted, the logo will only be found on Pentland Plumbing vans. We try and keep modern and clean vans as this matches our approach to jobs.

Keith Hooper - “I started doing local jobs in Portchester, before moving further afield. And then 5-6 years ago we got involved with an office fit out company and from there we really turned a corner.

​Everyone thinks Pentland Plumbing is just commercial and so that means any residential services will cost a lot more money. But at the end of the day, we are still working with toilets, basins, taps and heaters.

So, I came up with the strategy of keeping everything the same price. It doesn’t matter if I’m working for Mrs Smith in Fareham or for a national chain. I charge the same. It just works, and my customers appreciate that.

We currently work for a variety of domestic and commercial clients. The latter include Prezzo Restaurants, where we have supported all over the south, from Margate down to Cornwall. We’ve been everywhere for them.

Portsmouth Football Club is another great client. As a local fan and season ticket holder, I sent the MD a letter after I realised that they were paying way over the odds. I managed to save the club money, whilst working for them. It’s been a brilliant relationship and also opened more doors for us. We’ve even done work at the CEO’s residential home, fitting a boiler on transfer deadline day!

We’ve never been a company to say, ‘we could make a bit more money out of this one’. We’re upfront and honest and our long term residential and commercial clients are testament to that. Here’s to the next 21 years!”


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